Reports by Organizations

Universal Jurisdiction: A Preliminary Survey of Legislation around the World, Amnesty International (October 2011).

Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes: Africa’s Hope for Justice? Chatham House (April 2010).

The Rise and Fall of Universal Jurisdiction, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (January 2010).

Ending Impunity: Developing and Implementing a Global Action Plan Using Universal Jurisdiction, Amnesty International (October 2009).

Universal Jurisdiction Developments: January 2006-May 2009, International Federation for Human Rights and Redress (June 2009).

A Step by Step Approach to the Use of Universal Jurisdiction in Western European States, International Federation for Human Rights (June 2009).

Expert Report on the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction, African Union and European Union (April 2009).

The Concept of Universal Jurisdiction: A Reality in the Making, Westminster International Law and Theory Centre (2009).

Universal Jurisdiction: The Scope of Universal Civil Jurisdiction, Amnesty International (July 2007).

Universal Jurisdiction in Europe, Human Rights Watch (2006).

Preliminary Report on the Obligation to Extradite or Prosecute, International Law Commission (2006).

Survey on the Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction, Public Committee against Torture in Israel (October 2006).

Universal Jurisdiction: The Duty of States to Enact and Enforce Legislation, Amnesty International (August 2001).

14 Principles on the Effective Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction, Amnesty International (1999).

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