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  • Netherlands.  The Dutch parliament passes a bill expanding universal jurisdiction.  The bill would amend the International Crimes Act of 2003, giving Dutch courts jurisdiction over crimes of genocide as early as 1970 and over suspects transferred from international criminal tribunals.  [Read more]


  • Australia-Sri Lanka.  Australia’s attorney general halts an indictment against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for alleged crimes against humanity, on the basis of diplomatic immunity.  [Read more]
  • ICRCThe International Committee of the Red Cross, in a statement to the United Nations about universal jurisdiction, emphasizes the concept’s firm foundations in international humanitarian law and the 1949 Geneva Conventions.  [Read more]


  • QaddafiInterpol issues a “Red Notice” against Muammar Qaddafi so that the ICC’s arrest warrant from last June can be circulated widely, with an eye to extraditing Qaddafi to The Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity.  All Interpol members, including all of Libya’s neighbors, are alerted not to harbor Libya’s ousted leader.  [Read more]
  • Sri Lanka.  Amnesty International report calls on states to pursue universal jurisdiction for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka: When Will They Get Justice? Failures of Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission).
  • Netherlands-Argentina.  Attorneys in the Netherlands file a complaint against Jorge Zorreguieta, father of Princess Máxima’s, wife of the heir apparent to the Dutch throne and deputy agriculture minister during Argentina’s dirty war, for withholding information about three disappearances.  [Read more]
  • Rwanda.  President Paul Kagame “denounces international double standard of justice,” referring to arrest warrants issued by a Spanish judge in 2008 against dozens of top military officers.  [Read more]


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