Sonia Cardenas is Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  From 2007-2013, she directed Trinity’s Human Rights Program. She is the author of numerous publications, including Conflict and Compliance: State Responses to International Human Rights Pressure (2007), Human Rights in Latin America: A Politics of Terror and Hope (2010), and Chains of Justice: The Global Rise of National Human Rights Institutions (2014), all from the University of Pennsylvania Press.  She is in the early stages of a project on… universal jurisdiction.

UnknownChains of Justice


  1. Hi Sonia, I am a journalist from Fiji and have read and admire your pieces which is thought provoking and insightful. I am new in the field of political sciences and human rights and like reading your articles.

    By the way are you related to the former Governor of the state of Michaocan in Mexico where a town is named after him; Lazaro Cardenas?

    Had the privilege of visiting the town several times in the 1980s and enjoyed my visits there.


    Rusiate (Rusi) Mataika.

    • Hi Rusi, and thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. As for Lazaro Cardenas, who was also one of Mexico’s most progressive presidents, I’ve always wished I could claim lineage–but I can’t!

      If you write anything on topic, please do post a link. Best wishes, Sonia

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